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SHE Hockey Logo FINAL_edited.png

To be read and signed by you as a participant and member of the Sisterhood Hockey Experience.

Participating in the Sisterhood Hockey Experience for the 2023 season.

  1. Adhere to Sisterhood Hockey Experience rules, regulations, policies, procedures, as well as by-laws and decisions determined by the Sisterhood Hockey Experience Board of Directors.

  2. Treat all participants, coaches, staff, and fans, with respect, regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, creed, disability, national origin, or religion with respect relative to abusive language, actions, and gestures, while either on or off the ice.

  3. Respect the physical facilities at the rinks where any Sisterhood Hockey Experience event is held.

  4. Be on time and prepared for all events.

  5. Refrain from derogatory, racial, sexual, or discriminatory acts or comments via social media, text, or email.

  6. Fighting, inappropriate behavior, and any conduct deemed by a member of staff to be disruptive or dangerous, will be asked to leave the event and may be asked not to participate in any future events.

  7. There will be no drinking, smoking, chewing of tobacco or use of illegal substance at any team function.

  8. Any player or staff member who cannot abide by these rules or violates them may be removed from the current and any future events.

Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

Sisterhood Hockey Experience Participant/Staff Member:

Thanks for committing to creating a safe and welcoming environment!

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